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At KKMI, we believe there is an art and science when it comes to lifting your boat out of the water. Our experienced Travelift crew is familiar with the structure and shape of your vessel and every precaution is taken to make sure your visit to KKMI begins successfully. One such example to insuring the safety of your vessel is the installation of a modest KKMI decal that shows were the lifting slings should be placed when hauling your vessel. This assures that your vessel will be lifted safely and efficiently, now and in the future.

Once out of the water, your vessel will be taken to a dedicated area to have the bottom pressure washed. Both locations have installed a sophisticated system to filter the contaminated water generated by this washing and to insure these materials do not get washed into the Bay. Our award winning environmental practices include conducting this activity well away from the water’s edge.


Pt. Richmond
“William Randolph Hoist”: Max: Lift 88 Tons, Beam: 20’6”
“Ella Liftzgerald”: Max Lift 35 Tons, Beam: 20’6”

“Haully Green Giant::Max Lift 50 Tons, Beam 20’


We believe it’s a good practice to have a marine survey completed prior to purchasing a vessel. On occasion, before committing to making an investment in this vessel, it is most practical to haul the vessel and have the surveyor inspect the bottom and then re-launch the vessel.

Please contact us for details to schedule your “Haul, Hang & Launch”.

For a list of Bay Area marine surveyors, please visit our Documents and Information page here – click here.


While trucking your boat may be new to you, at KKMI this is something we manage on a routine basis. Both of our locations provide load-out and off-load services and are located by major freeways and can accommodate large trucks overnight. If you have the option, we would recommend our Pt. Richmond facility, which has 2 Travelifts and greater capacity in space on land and in the water.

When scheduling, we will walk you through the necessary steps. This includes scheduling with the yard for this service, confirming date and time with trucking company, contact information and details of service. If you have a sailboat, this will include the stepping or unstepping of the mast. For motor yachts and larger sailboats matters such as height restrictions that might require the yard to remove propellers, shafts, fly bridges, radar, etc. will also need to be reviewed.

To download a list of trucking companies, please visit our Documents and Information page – click here.

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