Thanks for the great service putting Tango back into ship-shape condition. As I mentioned before, this was a BEST EVER boat or ship yard experience. I appreciate the openness, expertise, and work ethic demonstrated by everyone at KKMI. Tango is now moored at West Point Harbor but I can guarantee you’ll see her again.
I really appreciate all you do!
John Hamilton & “Tango” 52′ Tayana


I was looking up something in the 2015 Nor Cal Master Schedule and noticed the headline on your ad on the back page:


 It has been a long time since I read an ad that has more truth to it.

 We are racing our same boat against the same competition as last year and there are only 2 differences:

1) Our sails are a year older.

2) Our new KKMI Sausalito bottom job.

 The boat is simply faster.

 My crew comments about it all the time and our competition has asked me what I changed.

On top of the finished product, dealing with you and your staff was a great experience. You were sensitive to our budget and it was great to be able to trust that you had our goals in mind as we made decisions about what to do and what to put off to get the most important results while staying within our budget.

 Thanks so much.

Chris Boome “Rhapsody” J/32