If you’re this guy, you need a bigger boat because you just saw the shark that’s going to eat your friends. If you’re a fisherman who needs more room for crab pots, a bigger boat makes more sense too.

Sadie K before her extension

That’s just what we did for Sadie K a 40 foot Fisherman Trawler. We turned her into a 45 foot trawler with more room for more gear.

Long-time customer of KKMI, Jake Bunch, the owner of Sadie K, had shopped around for larger boats. After years of searching he came to realize that the cost of a newer, larger boat far outweighed the cost of the cosmetic work to elongate his current vessel. So after much planning and conversations about doing so, he finally came to KKMI and had our craftsmen give her a new backside.

We kept the transom and built a frame off of that. Sadie K gained 5 feet of deck space and will be hauling in more crab and fish in the Half Moon Bay area soon.