The KKMI yard is bustling with activity with last-minute preparations for the 2016 Pac Cup.

Her name is RiO and she takes up the WHOLE dock! Up from Southern California. She’s a 100′ Bakewll-White Lahana. You can learn more about Rio on her website. Her start is next Friday. Looks like a rocket ship!




Varuna showed up a couple of weeks ago and then this past week, the crew arrived and started getting her race ready. The canting keel was installed and she was splashed on Thursday using the Best of Machinery tools. You can expect to see her on the Bay in the next week getting ready for her start on Friday the 15th. You can visit to learn more about her.



Through a strong French accent, we learned that Charly Devanneaux, the owner of this Beneteau First 30, Thirsty is also the owner of the Beneteau dealer in Southern California – NOAS. This is his third Pac Cup and third time visiting KKMI. In 2012 he took 1st in his division and 2014 2nd. He can’t say enough nice things about us and he is a pleasure to have at the yard. He’s sailing for ALS and you can visit his facebook page here.. He’s splashing the boat and headed to the St. Francis where he will await his start on Tuesday.


We chatted with Dean Treadway, the owner of Sweet Okole while getting his boat ready for the race. This will be her 11th Pac Cup! She’s a 1976 Farr 36. He was gushing about his crew – Mike Radjiekowski & Ron Boemhe are International 14 sailors, John Norheim is going to help with the navigation and he raved about KJ Paradise. He and his crew are excited to get out on the water. His start is on Tuesday.




When previous plans to sail his Tartan 37 Ardea fell short, Glen Margolis purchased this Farr 44 Confetti and is working day and night in a mad dash to the start line on Tuesday. If all goes to plan, the crew will sail her for the first time on Saturday. She’s currently getting all kinds of work done on her. You can check out their blog here