In completing his Figure Eight Voyage, I suspect Randall Reeves does not consider himself a hero, but in my book he is. Clearly, lots of heroes exist in the world and just as many definitions of what a hero is. To me, a hero is someone that sets an ambitious and difficult goal, outlines a plan, then implements it. Whether they achieve their goal on the first attempt or not, one must recognize and respect the efforts and sacrifices involved. From all of us here at KKMI, we celebrate Randall’s success and wish him a warm welcome back to the Bay Area!

KKMI is very proud to have played a small role in Figure Eight Voyage. We are also proud of our role in other successful voyages, whether they were around the globe or across the Bay.

As we know, a successful plan must be built upon feasibility. This usually boils down to addressing all the details that accompany that goal. Sometimes these details take years to sort out, implement, test and refine. What we offer at KKMI is a unique blend of broad-based, nautical expertise. Obviously, getting your vessel prepared for a trip across the Bay is a very different undertaking than getting ready to do the Baha Ha-Ha or sailing around the world. We make it our job to listen to your objectives and then help you get to where you want to go.

Often our clients come to us with detailed lists of what they’d like us to address. Others are looking for us to help them identify those areas that need attention. Your Project Manager will help figure out the best approach to accomplish your goals.

With winter approaching, now is an ideal time to be thinking about your maintenance goals for the coming season. What is it that you’d like to do? What’s working aboard your boat and what isn’t? Your boat lives in saltwater so corrosion is taking place, whether you’re cruising it or not. And, just because something is working today, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve some attention to keep it running properly. We have more indoor workspace than all the other yards on the Bay, so now is a good time to think about scheduling those projects that some might not consider as “wintertime” types of work. Painting decks and hulls, updating electrical systems and batteries, are great examples.

At KKMI, not only do we understand what your boat needs to stay in ship shape, but also it is our culture to work with our clients to fully comprehend each boat owner’s goals. Then we do all we can to assist with implementing those goals. After all, the last thing we want is for your voyage to take you from hero to zero.

We hope to see you on the waterfront.

Paul Kaplan & the KKMI Family


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