As we complete another year, please join me for a moment to look astern, in addition to our course ahead…..

This past year we expanded our management team in both yards in anticipation of the retirement and shifting responsibilities within that team. This process has gone smoothly, and all is well. Our Pt. Richmond marine supply store is now open six days a week, serving both DIY customers in the yard and the neighboring marinas now that West Marine closed their local store.

KKMI furthered our leadership role as being a trusted steward of the Bay and our environment. Both our Sausalito and Pt. Richmond facilities are now certified under the “Clean Marine” program, making KKMI the only company on the West Coast that operates two such certified facilities. In addition, KKMI has been recognized on two separate occasions by the California Water Environment Association as “Small Industry of the Year” and “Boatyard of the Year” by our industry’s trade association. BRAVO!

While our team is very proud of these achievements, there is no greater reward than the loyal relationships KKMI has fostered between our team members and our clients. Thanks to the entire crew at KKMI for all you’ve done and continue to do so these relationships flourish today and into the future.

In the coming year we will be expanding our in-house and vendor assisted training programs all with the goal of supporting our reputation for being the “go to” boatyard when seeking the highest quality workmanship in the Bay Area. And as we have for over a quarter century, we will continue to invest in our facilities with safety, efficiency, and the protection of the environment as core to our position that without such an investment, the true value of the service we have provided is defined by far more than just the price alone.

Lastly, and not to end on a somber note but I would like to acknowledge the passing of Hank Easom this year, who was a longtime friend and mentor. Hank was the owner of Easom Boatworks in Sausalito. When I was teenager, I had the opportunity to see Hank operate his yard, he was like the conductor of an orchestra. Customers loved doing business with Hank and I thought to myself, what a great way to make a living. Fixing boats, making money, and if you had a boating disease like I had, sailing might not cost so much. Well fast forward many years and I started to think more about this crazy idea of owning a boatyard. Long before founding KKMI, Hank and I would routinely get together for lunch. There at Fred’s Place up the street, for the price of a sandwich Hank would tell me the good, bad, and ugly parts of owning and operating a successful boatyard. WOW, how I wish I’d taken notes during those lunches, but what I didn’t write down has stuck with me, and many of the golden nuggets he did share, serve me today.

I’m also reminded of Hank once saying, “I don’t know how people have a boat, without a boatyard.” I have taken this two ways, first as it being essential for a boat owner to have a good relationship with a boatyard in order to keep the vessel in top shape. The other meaning, dating back to the notion as a teenager that the costs of owning a boat would become more affordable if own the boatyard…. well, I can tell you firsthand, even when you do own a boatyard, a boat is not cheap. That said, Hank’s love of being on the water vividly demonstrated to all of us that the rewards were far greater than whatever the cost may be. Thanks, Hank, for this nugget of wisdom, I couldn’t agree with you more.

“I don’t know how people have a boat, without a boatyard.”
– HANK EASOM (Boat and Boatyard Owner)

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