“Ohhhh Mexico….I never really been but I’d sure like to go” – J. Taylor

Well, if you’re dreaming of the day when you’re ready to cast off your dock lines and sail south to Mexico, or beyond, let me offer a few words of advice in planning your trip…

For example, if you’re going on the Baja Ha-Ha, you know in advance there’s a starting date and if something unanticipated surfaces and you miss this date, your trip will run hard aground. Time and time again customers hand us a list (sometimes when they arrive) that involves much more work than we’ve anticipated. Even if the projects are simple, most yards (such as ours) are working with deadlines for other boat owners and it’s neither fair or feasible to put these unforeseen projects in front of others.

We can all agree the most important thing is the safety of your crew and vessel. Pushing the yard to meet an unanticipated deadline is more than just stressful for all. It also results in added costs and the likelihood of rushing through the work list and missing some items. Worse yet, there may not be sufficient time to properly verify that the completed work has been tested and will function as needed to assure your safety.

Next comes boat parts. As vessels and the equipment aboard ages and needs replacement, finding the appropriate replacement part has become a serious challenge. Every day we’re finding that components that were previously readily available are no longer manufactured. In some cases, this isn’t a huge obstacle but in other circumstances, this can be a non-starter, literally.

So, here’s what I’d suggest: months before you’re ready to head off, get your “To Do” list in order. Once the list is organized, call KKMI and schedule a time to meet with one of our Project Managers. Our managers have sailed thousands of miles and can do more than facilitate the services needed; they’re happy to offer suggestions on how you can most efficiently and economically approach the “To Do” list. If you have a deadline, like the Pac Cup, tell us so we can help plan out when and what should be done. Our managers can also offer ideas on which projects you might want to undertake (to save you money) and which items should be left to the professionals.

Next, schedule your yard visit with plenty of time to complete the “To Do” list and test everything. If necessary, make one last visit to the yard, but still leaving enough of a time cushion to meet your deadline. Then, get ready for having the time of your life.

“Ohhh, Mexico… I guess I’ll have to go now.” After visiting KKMI first!



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