Have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode about the rental car reservation? The one where Jerry expects to pick up a rental car because he made a reservation? As most things Seinfeld, we understood the humor because it felt relatable. If you have a reservation to have something done at a certain time, you should be accommodated at THAT TIME. Otherwise you’re left with the impression that the company you’re dealing with doesn’t understand the concept of a “reservation.”

We understand the importance of meeting a customer’s expectations, but here’s the tricky part – in the real world not everything goes according to plan. And for us, in particular, boat problems aren’t static nor entirely predictable.

We try hard to provide the best possible service to everyone who walks through our doors or ties up to our docks. Afterall, we recognize that our customers are our biggest asset. That is why we have established policies to try and minimize the trickle-down effect caused by unforeseen projects. That unexpected last-minute request to check a thru hull fitting just prior to launching might throw off the travel lift schedule so that we are unable to launch another boat as we initially planned. Or the delay caused by a part stuck in US customs may negatively impact a technician’s schedule, which can then affect other customers waiting for service. Although we’d love nothing more than for KKMI to operate like a Swiss watch, despite the best of intentions and efforts, the second hand on our watch does tend to stick from time to time. That is why we are try to remind you, our valued clients, about the importance of allowing extra time for the unexpected and understanding our policies.

Two of the scheduling policies we try to adhere to include: no survey haul and hangs on Mondays or Fridays, and hauling boats on a first-come, first served basis (rather than at an appointed time). You may be frustrated trying to understand why we can’t just haul you out when clearly the travel lift is sitting right there and there is no one in the haul out bay. Rest assured, there is method to our madness, and we do our best to operate in an efficient and well-planned manner.

So, for our sanity, yours, and the other folks who are waiting for service, please understand that we have developed policies to make sure that we understand the concept of the reservation.



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