Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a tour of the yard?
Visitors are welcome at KKMI but we ask that you make an appointment to tour the yard.
Can I work on my own boat?
Point Richmond: Yes. Anyone other than a KKMI employee that is performing work on a boat must agree to and comply with all our policies. See customer rules here.

Sausalito: No.

Can I supply my own paint?
Only if it is purchased from KKMI. To comply with our Air Quality Control Board permit, all paints and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) used in the yard must be purchased from KKMI.
Can I provide other materials for KKMI to install?
Please discuss this with your project manager in advance of work being done on your boat.
Who can I talk to about projects on my boat?
Every client is assigned a Project Manager (PM). It’s important that you direct all your service needs to your PM. We ask that you do not distract craftsmen/technicians while they are working.
Can I hire my own contractor to work on my boat?
We require prior approval for any outside contractors. Have your contractor email Paul Kaplan at for pre-approval for your job.
Can I schedule an exact time to have my boat hauled?
We will do our best to haul your vessel at the approximate time discussed. We do, however, ask for your understanding that the haul/launch schedule needs to be flexible. You’re welcome to be present when your boat is hauled.
What is your cancellation policy?
We don’t have a cancellation fee but we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your plans change.
When can I drop off my boat?
We are usually able to accommodate berthing prior to your service. Please coordinate your delivery date with the office staff.
How long can I leave my boat at the dock at KKMI after work is completed?
We request your boat be moved within 3 days of completed work. Beyond that time frame, storage fees will be applied.
Can I drop off my boat over the weekend or after business hours?
If you wish to drop off or pick up your boat during non-business hours, please coordinate with our office staff.
Can I stay aboard my boat while it is at KKMI?
Yes, in most circumstances you are welcome to stay onboard while it is at KKMI. Please be sure to coordinate this with the office staff.
Can I bring my pet?

KKMI loves pets. We do ask that you keep pets on a leash, under control, and clean up after them.
See our detailed pet policy here.

When I deliver my boat, where do I put it? Who should I call?
During business hours, call the office just prior to your arrival for docking instructions.

Please coordinate after hours arrivals with office staff.

What size limitation and draft restrictions should I be concerned about?
At our Richmond yard, we really don’t have any draft restrictions as our shallow spot is about 21’ and that’s in just a few places. The rest is 30’+.

At our Sausalito yard, it’s very much dependent on the tide. Customers with deep draft boats (say 8’ and above) are well advised to check their tide book and coordinate their arrival with the yard.

What are KKMI’s payment terms and options?
Payment in full is required prior to the boat leaving KKMI or when services are completed. Deposits may be requested, depending on the services and scope of work. We accept checks, cash, debit cards, electronic payments and Visa & MC. Note: a convenience processing fee will be added to CC payments.

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