In the swim of things…

Hard to believe that so many months have passed since my last “bilgy” installment. While I have not been in the bilge this whole time, for sure it feels like I have been in the trenches…if there is such a thing on a boat.

Charlie and Will dip their toes in the water

Charlie and Will test the water with their toes

Although life for all of us has been far from ordinary, lately there have been more opportunities to enjoy a few, precious moments of normalcy, such as being on the water with family and friends. A couple of weeks ago during one of those hot Indian summer days (can I still say that?) we were invited to go on a picnic aboard motor vessel Long Run. We headed over to Angel Island and luckily found an open mooring at Ayala Cove.

Aboard Long Run was skipper Ryan, who is the love of our daughter Sarah’s life. (It is okay, we love Ryan too.) Also aboard was our daughter, Erica, her husband Nick, their sons Will (age 5) and Charlie, a rapidly growing 2-year-old. Rounding out the crew was Chrissy, wife extraordinaire, who had prepared a lovely lunch. We spent the afternoon hanging out, enjoying the sun… and finding it so hot, the kids (meaning everyone aboard) put their toes in the water to cool off. The water was not warm, but both the air and water temperatures were high enough that going for a swim seemed like a good idea. And it was.

Sarah and Erica on the Boat

Sarah and Erica carry on with the boating lifestyle

Watching the “kids”- both young and even younger – swim in the Bay brought back memories of growing up and doing the same thing. I began reflecting on how the boating lifestyle has not only given us so much pleasure, but it also continues to be an incredible activity that our whole family enjoys. Being able to spend time with Will and Charlie, seeing them dangle their toes in the water, with the water splashing and the accompanying giggles, are memories that stay with you forever. To see the next generation getting into the swim of things, quite literally, as a grandparent is a rewarding experience.

Will and Charlie livin' the dream

Will and Charlie getting in the swim

If you have read some of my prior bilge installments you are likely aware that I am a vocal advocate for the Bay and all that it has to offer. Keep in mind that fewer than 18,000 wet berths are available on the Bay, a number that in time will not significantly increase due to multiple considerations. This speaks to the wonderful opportunities presented to those of us who spend time on the Bay’s waters.

I would have never predicted the wave of enthusiastic people that has recently become involved with boating as a result of the pandemic, and for countless reasons I’m pleased to see such a positive outcome and a silver lining to what has been a terrible situation. When I think about the new experiences and great moments that await new boaters, I believe these events will not only be transformative but they will also be creating precious memories like the ones I noted above. And, unlike so many areas of the country where boating is strictly a seasonal activity, for us, it is year-round. In fact, some of the best days on the Bay can be experienced in the fall and winter months. So, if you have not been out on your boat in a while…what’s keeping you? Get out there and have some fun! I am certainly looking forward to spending more time on the water, with our family and friends.

See you on the waterfront.

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