If you didn’t know this already, I have a boating habit….it’s actually more like an addiction. There, I said it. This addiction began at an early age. Although I did not grow up in a sailing family our home was near Lake Merced in San Francisco and this became my “playground” where I discovered my lifelong passion…boats. Even to this day, while we’re not in the market to buy a boat, I still enjoy going to the Boat Show.

The boat show concept is an interesting one. It’s called a boat show, but for those who’ve never been to one, the show offers much more than just boats for sale. It should actually be called….a “Boat Lover’s Candy Store”. Not only can you find out about the latest maritime gadgets and gizmos, but you can also learn about boat maintenance and repairs, improving your boating skills, cruising recommendations and more.

Like many such shows, there’s a unique smell: the nautical aroma of salt air, a hint of styrene (that fiberglass smell) with a touch of BBQ thrown in. To me, the smell is part of the whole experience; it’s like going to a movie theatre, if there wasn’t the smell of popcorn, it would not be the same. Such is the case at a boat show.

Beyond the unique smells, there’s the magical, watery venue of the docks, the beautiful boats on display, the protocol of taking off your shoes and the experience of entering into various nautical worlds that offer many opportunities to dream of whatever adventures you can imagine. The boats are equally varied; there are racers, cruisers, little boats, big boats, you name it. If you can’t find your dream boat, there’s someone at the boat show that can build this for you.

And then there are the vendors of parts and services. This is where KKMI comes in. Over the years we’ve developed an impressive collection of nautical faux pas….otherwise known as our “Little Shop of Horrors.” Every year our display gets better and better…or should I say more grotesque? Come see first-hand what can happen to the bits, pieces and machinery that are aboard a boat and hear the accompanying nautical tale, from the macabre macerator to the freakish furler….and beyond. You’re not going to believe your eyes!

For those who really think they know the difference between an impeller and a propeller….enter to win a free haulout with the purchase of a bottom painting package if they can correctly identify our 8 mystery parts on display. Hint #1: yes one of the choices does include an actual impeller!

So, come on by and say hello! You’ll find KKMI’s display where we were last year, at the Main Entrance to the Craneway Pavilion.

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