As KKMI completes its 25th year in business, please join me for a moment as we briefly look astern, as well to our course ahead. As we all know, rarely is the race won by looking astern. Yet, there’s something incredibly satisfying when looking aft to see how much progress you’ve made. Equally as sweet is seeing how cleanly the water exits from the hull, knowing that as you speed ahead you’re throwing as small a wake as possible, all by design.

So, with this nautical metaphor, let me offer a synopsis of the past quarter-century. First, KKMI was founded as a family business and remains so today. The value that we place on our team members has been and remains our highest priority, as we treat the entire crew as extended members of the Kaplan family. While some companies steer clear of such familial ties, we’ve always embraced this working environment. Of all the things that I am most proud of when I think of the team members at KKMI, this dynamic ranks as one of the highest.

In looking astern and evaluating our wake, there’s no question from the environmental perspective that KKMI has caused the least amount of disruption. I am proud to say that KKMI has become one of the most awarded and recognized leaders in the maritime industry for its success in such matters. Both of our yards have been recognized on two separate occasions by the California Water Environment Association as “Small Industry of the Year.” Our yards have also been awarded by a national maritime trade association with their highest honor, “Boatyard of the Year.” These honors acknowledge KKMI’s long-term commitment to being good environmental stewards and recognize our leadership by example.

As we charge ahead, we take great comfort in knowing that everyone aboard the good ship KKMI is focused on the same core values. All of us at KKMI cherish the relationships and trust we’ve built with our clients over the past 25 years. Thanks to the entire crew at KKMI for all you’ve done, and continue to do, so these relationships will thrive in the future.

Certainly, the future for the maritime industry appears very bright. KKMI’s commitment to providing our clients with the best value and workmanship will remain a driving force in the coming years. Our in-house and vendor-supported training programs will assure that we will remain the “go-to” boatyard when seeking quality workmanship in the Bay Area. KKMI will continue to invest in its facilities, not only making us more efficient and providing our clients with the highest value, but our continual improvement serves to speak to KKMI’s long-term commitment toward environmental protection.

This year, to one degree or another, has been filled with challenges for all of us. Hopefully, you were able to overcome these challenges to arrive at positive outcomes. For me personally, the support of my wife and family allowed me to not only overcome the hurdles of the past year but to look ahead and know that we are headed in a very positive direction. And finally, thanks to the many of you who have been so kind to share your well wishes in our 25th year. Click below to hear a few words from the founder of West Marine, Randy Repass, and St.FYC staff commodore Bruce Munroe.

Thank you for all your continued support! We look forward to working with you in the New Year and beyond!

See you on the waterfront.

Thank you for all your continued support! We look forward to working with you in the new year and beyond!

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