Over the years I’ve heard KKMI occasionally described as “the place where the gold-plated racing sailboats go”, implying that’s the only type of boat we work on. Yes, we do have a strong following amongst racing sailors but this has little to do with our ability to make a sailboat go faster. (Which we do know how to do) What this does have everything to do with is our core belief in delivering every customer great value. Which in our view is of paramount importance, regardless of what type of vessel you own or how it’s used.

VarunaWhen we talk about great value at KKMI, we believe this boils down to reliability and longevity. After all, if the work fails due to poor workmanship and must be redone, this is neither the definition of quality or great value. More importantly, the consequences of poor quality can cost you far more than the race.

More than just talking about value let’s look at the facts. So, as Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace says, “let’s do the numbers”. For example, take this year’s Pacific Cup, the fleet consisted of a broad range of designs and sizes, with yachts coming as far away as Germany (commissioned at KKMI). Varunaracing.com

Of the 118 entries approximately 20% of the fleet are KKMI clients. Of these, 50% made it to the podium and 43% of KKMI clients won their class. Pretty impressive. What is also noteworthy, KKMI boats won both racing and cruiser divisions, diluting the “gold-plated” stigma. Unfortunately, 10 boats did not cross the finish line and needed to withdraw, thankfully none belonged to the KKMI fleet.

PaccuppersBeyond the numbers and our core belief in delivering you great value, there is our Team that makes it all happen. Our team members represent the most skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen in the Bay Area – with an average of 23 years of experience companywide.

As boat owners and nautical enthusiasts, we understand the importance of taking good care of your vessel. We appreciate that owning a boat can mean so much more than a floating asset – for some, she’s like a member of the family.

The decision about which yard you may select can often come down to cost. If you consider the quality of craftsmanship, efficiency, and experience that goes into every job at KKMI, the value will not only be clear but lasting.

Our project managers are very experienced in both power and sailing vessels, as they too are boat owners. And yes, some do race on “gold-platers”. Give us a call and let KKMI show you know how we can help keep your vessel ship shape and safe for the Bay waters and beyond…like to Hawaii!

Thank you all so much for helping make KKMI what it is today!
We hope to see you in the waterfront!
Paul Kaplan and the KKMI Family