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Our friends at Boat U.S. have an article in their April issue with advice from associate editor and accredited marine surveyor, Mark Corke. While the article is largely written for new or aspiring boat owners, it includes relevant information that any self-proclaimed boater should know!

A pre-purchase survey consists of a thorough inspection of the boat, likely including an evaluation of the structural integrity, propulsion, electrical, and other marine systems, an out-of-water inspection, and maybe even a sea trial. The results of the survey can have an impact on the deal negotiations, including the selling price. Surveys are also generally required prior to receiving insurance coverage, especially in the absence of a pre-purchase survey. Appraisal inspections may be necessary in some circumstances, and damage inspections by an accredited surveyor can be requested by your insurance company following an accident.

The article provides readers with some small tips that go a long way, including: your surveyor works for you alone, don’t be afraid to ask questions leading up to (or after) the survey, and a sea trial is not an excuse for a pleasure cruise. Whether you’re currently a boat owner, a prospective one, or somewhere in between, we recommend giving this a read!

8 Things A Marine Surveyor Wants You To Know
Mark Corke & Charles Fort
Boat U.S., April 2018