Bottom & Painting Repair

Bottom & Painting Repair

Since bottom painting is a routine maintenance task we’ve streamlined the process by providing you with an inclusive Package Price. Rather than paying an hourly labor rate plus the cost of materials, our years of experience (and highly efficient Team) allows us to provide you with a fixed price for this service. Please call us, or complete the Service Inquiry form and we will provide you with a high quality paint job at a highly competive price.

• Haul and pressure wash including the proper treatment and disposal of the toxic materials generated.
• Standard sanding and preparation of the bottom per paint supplier. (If extra preparation is required, time and materials will be billed additionally)
• Tape waterline.
• Roll one coat of antifouling paint.
• Standard materials and choice of antifouling paint.
• Move support stands and paint pad areas.
• Launch and complimentary vessel wash down prior to customer delivery.
• Package pricing available for monohull boats 24-69′
• Does not include prepping or painting centerboards.

Please talk to your Project Manager regarding additional services such as cleaning shafts, propellers, trim tabs and hull strainer scoops as well as changing zincs.


Depending on the condition of the bottom vessel, other work may be needed which is not covered in the above bottom painting package. For example, priming prior to bottom painting may be necessary. KKMI is also skilled in:

• Repairing blisters
• Keel repairs
• Rudder repairs
• Structural repairs
• Thru-hull work