Our Environment

Our Environment

Keeping the environment clean is more than being “green”; it’s the right thing to do. Our ability to operate KKMI facilities and keep things “ship shape” is no simple matter. Over the course of every day we deal with numerous hazardous materials in many different forms and applications. To manage these materials correctly and lawfully is not inexpensive. We spend many thousands of dollars each year maintaining our facilities and following our award-winning Best Management Practices to remain in compliance with regulatory requirements.

To ensure our ability to live up to these high standards, we ask our clients to participate through our 3% Environmental Fee. KKMI does not use this as a “profit center”; we spend every penny collected on environmentally associated expenses. For a sample of the different fees we must pay and agencies we report to, see below.

We thank you for your support in protecting our Bay, which we all cherish and enjoy.

KKMI works with and/or pays fees to the following agencies (not an inclusive list):

• Environmental Protection Agency, Federal & State
• State and Regional Water Resources Control Boards
• California Department of Public Health
• California Department of Toxic Substances Contro
• County CUPA Hazardous Substances Plans
• Bay Area Regional Air Quality District
• Bay Conservation and Development Commission
• United States Coast Guard
• State Water Resource Control Board Permit & Plan Review Fee
• State Board Of Equalization Environmental Fee
• State Board Of Equalization Hazardous Waste Generator Fee
• State Board of Equalization Electronic Waste Fee
• County Health Services Permit & Plan Review Fee
• Hazardous waste disposal costs for batteries, zincs, etc.
• Hazardous waste disposal of thinner, spray gun and parts cleaners
• Hazardous waste disposal cost for solids generated during pressure washing
• Hazardous waste disposal fees for other materials generated on site