Join the KKMI Team

Join the KKMI Team

We are currently looking for Shipwrights, Carpenters (both locations), General Skilled Boat Repair Technicians – those gifted in plumbing, electrical systems and painting.

KKMI is a great place to work and offers very competitive salaries and benefits.


KKMI has been in business since 1996. We take pride in fostering and encouraging a productive, safe and happy work environment. The two strongest statements about our philosophy and our beliefs are contained in our “Mission Statement” and our “Evergreen Principles”. They are as follows:



  • We strive to be the most trusted and reliable source in the maritime industry. We are committed to continuous enhancement of our personal and professional credibility.
  • We are committed to our responsibility in the care and value-added service of our customers. When we accept a project, we diligently work to exceed customer expectations of quality work, timeliness and fair value.
  • We are committed to growth in the belief that we can only enhance the customer experience and retain a market leading position if we are successful.
  • All of our business practices must pass the test of uncompromised integrity.



We place the highest value on matters that concern safety, health and the environment. Leadership in this area requires that all of us share in the obligation to ensure these values are always upheld.

As individuals, we accept the responsibility to never compromise these values and as professionals we will strive to improve them.

Our mission is to always be in compliance with the regulations that concern safety, health and the environment. And, to become the model for best practices in the industry.

We are further dedicated to this mission so that we all may enjoy the boating lifestyle in a pollution-free environment for generations to come.

The Team At KKMI



To download an application, click here.

The Team at KKMI is looking for people who enjoy working on boats, are good at problem solving and have a professional work ethic. KKMI offers competitive wages and a comprehensive benefit package.

Applications can be submitted in person, via email or fax to either location. Contact details here.